Thursday, January 19, 2012

Salt & Fat- Sunnyside, Queens

In my humble opinion, salt and fat are two sufficient but not necessary components for a delightful dish . . . so you can imagine how intrigued I was by a restaurant with that name.  Salt and Fat, an unassuming restaurant tucked away on Broadway between 41st and 42nd Street in Sunnyside Queens, delivered a playful take on standard comfort food at affordable prices and substantially sized shareable plates

Smelly, being her usual thoughtful self, had not only secured a table but had the foresight to have an order of bacon popcorn ready for Mills and me.  And yes, bacon popcorn is as sinfully decadent as it sounds!    

After some serious deliberation we ordered and promptly devoured:

A clever take on the BLT- the iceburg salad was unapologetically unrestrained with surprisingly, generous hunks of lobster meat, a heaping of bacon, sweet tomatoes and jumbo croutons. 

Hampshire Pulled Pork Sliders, a heavenly mound of shredded pork in a (so subtle I didn’t know it was there) sriracha BBQ sauce and pickles encased in mini brioche buns that literally smile at you.  Your belly will smile too. 

Korean BBQ wraps-a bed of juicy, perfectly cooked slices of hanger steak, accompanied by pickled daikon and seasoned miso all bundled up in crisp bib lettuce.

Shrimp and Grits topped with a slow-cooked, runny egg, (yes, more) bacon and scallions were the flavor equivalent of snuggling under the fluffiest and softest fleece blanket on a cold, wintry night.

Fried Brussel sprouts with parmesan reggiano cheese were quite tasty though I have been eating them so regularly at home that I was simply not in the mood.  FYI, I prefer them more simply prepared, roasted with olive oil, extra salt and pepper.

Each flavorful and thoughtfully executed dish came together seamlessly as an utterly memorable meal definitely worth repeating.  Often and soon.  

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