Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Play.Rewind.Fast Forward.

I have been horribly absent (read: negligent slacker).  Life has been a bit crazed this spring but fortunately summer brings exciting and happy changes with life settling down sufficiently so that I can recommit to blogging!

There are SOOO many amazing meals that I've had in the past few months- so I'll just share some highlights/snapshots of my favorite and most memorable meals (that I actually had a camera handy for)!!

Joseph's in Bridgeport, CT is a serious contender for one of my all time favorite steakhouses- although that may not be surprising given it's owner, Joseph Kustra is a Luger alum.  We ordered the Joseph Special Appetizer (don't waste your stomach space), steak for three (served on a hot plate with copious amounts of butter, and cooked to perfection), creamed spinach and mushrooms (double yum).  Definitely worth repeating!

On a road trip to visit friends in Charlottesville, MangoPrincess, the boy, and I decided to take a side trip to visit Polyface Farm, a place I hold in very high regard.  We were able to mosey around, see the chickens and pigs and toured the grounds with the help of the shy farm dog.  We also bought bacon and eggs which traveled with us to Edgewater, MD where we enjoyed a breakfast of crusty bread sourced from the Cheese Shop in Williamsburg (a college favorite), scrambled eggs and oven baked bacon.  The most egg-y eggs and bacon-y bacon.  Unbelievable.  You have to try it and if you are lucky enough to live in delivering distance of Polyface Farm, you SHOULD partake!!

Back in NYC, it was time to dine with friends before starting the new job.  Lunch with VK at the Crooked Tree where I actually veered off from my usual chicken and goat cheese crepe and enjoyed a hearty and fresh Crooked Cobb Salad which tasted too good to be actually healthy.

And boy, do I count my lucky starts for MF for introducing me to the wonderful world of kosher restaurants in NYC and proving that they can offer so much more than matzo ball soup and deli sandwiches!  We enjoyed a meat feast at Abigael's on Broadway starting with Korean BBQ sliders, smoked brisket eggrolls, and a massive 32oz rib steak.

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  1. Yum! Thanks for sharing, but now I'm hungry...lol!