Sunday, October 28, 2012

Discovering Philly's gems: part 1

Was in Philly for an unexpectedly short weekend trip (THANKS Hurricane Sandy) for belated birthday festivities with the husband, brother and sis-in-law. Our get togethers are inevitably gluttonous, boozy and chock full of lowbrow humor and merriment (read lots of butt and poop jokes).

Nonetheless there is never a shortage of delicious food and this weekend proved no different. We started the weekend with brunch at Honey's Sit n Eat nestled in Northern Liberties. Although it was relatively early, there was already an impressive wait so we took the first table available which meant sitting outside on a slightly cold morning. However spot on and hot Le Colombe coffee helped warm me up.

The menu was straightforward with an emphasis on All-American comfort food comprised of high-quality and fresh ingredients. We shared fried pickles which for once did not disappoint me with generous diagonally cut pieces encrusted with cornmeal fried batter and served with a well balanced aioli. For the main dish I opted for the sausage, bacon and white bean stew dusted with breadcrumbs and served in a small crock bowl and a side of roasted brussel sprouts. The stew was hearty and reminded me of an amazing bread stew I had many years ago in Florence. The sprouts were a little too oily for my taste but still hit the spot. The boy ordered the country fried steak with gravy served with a side of mac n cheese, onion rings, and a biscuit. I quite enjoyed the biscuit but felt the steak and gravy, while better than average, were not particularly memorable or standout.

All in all a great find, earnest and easy food, exceptionally friendly waitress and BYOB to boot!

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  1. Yummy! Love the photos and reviews...they make me crave. Keep it up! :)