Sunday, January 13, 2013

uncovering the culinary delights of Ft Greene

my first experience with ft greene was years ago attending a friend of my husband's housewarming party.  to this day THAT loft remains perhaps the coolest real (a.k.a. not in a magazine or t.v. show) apartment i've ever been in.  high ceilings created a sense of spaciousness that one longs for in NYC, a to-die-for walk-in close, books neatly stacked up in towers, an antique clothing rack with jeans artfully displayed, and the clincher . . . an enclosed backyard patio!! being owned, remodeled and decorated by an uber designy couple didn't hurt.  nonetheless, int hose days ft greene was still a bargain to live in and felt remote.  there was little in the way of shops, entertainment or restaurants.

no longer a hidden gem, ft greene is rapidly developing with new restaurants galore, cute boutiques and a farmer's market stationed in the park.

the boy and i had a chance to meet up with friends at the brooklyn sandwich society last saturday.



in terms of food alone- literally, the best brunch i have had in a really long time.  i ordered the roasted oyster mushrooms served with creme fraiche and seasoned with rosemary and topped with an oh so rich, runny duck egg.  a bowl of generously buttered, crispy bread was thoughtfully provided to sop up that unctuous yolk.  

for the table, we ordered to share (1) biscuits & gravy that would make any southern grandma proud and (2)  "meat in a skillet" aka duck sausage and berkshire bacon (we should have ordered 2!). the biscuits were moist and the duck sausage gravy imparted amazing flavor (i am really over bland gravy, i mean what's the point and such a waste of calories?!)

every morsel was mouth-watering and delicious with succulent flavors not for the faint of heart or health conscious.  these guys are doing it right and i can't wait to try their dinner menu!  

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