Wednesday, April 16, 2014

the neighborhood bar

when the boy and i left williamsburg, i never thought i would find a neighborhood bar that could rival trophy.  the owners and staff are genuine, laid back, and serious about food and booze.  the vibe was unpretentious and incredibly friendly.  on an off night or before the rush, you could find yourself chatting with the owners for hours or hitting it off with a fellow patron or helping taste test a new drink or menu item.  so many happy hours, birthdays, and good memories.

i am relieved that lloyd whisky bar proved me wrong.  from the first time i walked in, i felt at home. . . dark wood floors, a fantastic leaning bar and cosy decor.  it doesn't hurt that the owner also hails from brooklyn and has also done stints at whisky ward and verlaine, my old go-to.  all the elements are right- perfectly concocted cocktails, an impressive whisky and bourbon selection, surprisingly delicious food and most importantly an awesome staff.

in the face of our often unusual work schedules, i have come to look forward to our weekly standing date night at lloyd.  boiler maker for him.  dirty gin martini for me.

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