Sunday, August 11, 2013

i never thought i would say this

i am officially sick of going to ikea (at least for the next year or so)- i don't mean to sound ungrateful because we have gotten some truly great furniture and housewares at affordable prices. . . but we've gone so many times in the past few weeks that we know exactly what time it opens, recognize thomas the customer service associate and know exactly WHICH aisle and bin to get components for our storage closets!  so yes, we're definitely starting to settle in and the husband asked me today if i felt like i've moved to the suburbs. 

honestly, no, i feel like i'm in another part of brooklyn.  there are a multitude of fantastic restaurants and bars in walking distance, community gardens galore, easily accessible subway and bus stations, grit mixed in with uber hipsterness (at least kensington/fishtown does not have the shishiness of northern liberties). so far i love our section philadelphia. it will take some time for sure, when it feels so familiar and when it feels like home rather than some new adventure. . . picture of front and back yard below!

but we are off to a good start and our neighbors are unexpectedly friendly. . forcing me out of my shyness and nyc silo mentality. dare i say i see some potlucks/dinner parties ahead? 

today the boy and i ventured to mid century warehouse in their new fishtown location (this is AFTER going to ikea to get more outdoor furniture and hangers - seriously 8 wooden hangers for $3.99 can't beat it!).  we had scored a beautiful dentist (we use for liquor) cabinet and dresser years ago. . .and hoped to find the perfect table/desk for the bedroom.  while we left empty handed from MCW, we did explore kensington avenue and a nook of vietnamese restaurants.  

we ate at Cafe Pho Ga Thanh Thang.  no menu.  cash only.  they serve two things.  chicken and beef pho.  we ordered two large bowls of chicken pho and a plate of chicken- all for $22! the broth was delicious and while i was slurping away, i happily surveyed the tables full of vietnamese, latino, thai and caucasian guests.  tables turned quite quickly yet there was a line out the door to get in. . . can't wait to try the bun bo hue place next door and thang long across the street.

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