Sunday, March 30, 2014

Run V Run

On my 34th birthday... feeling a little out of shape and vowing to be at my fittest at 35, I signed up to run in the #PhillyLoveRun.  It has provided much ended motivation in maintaining a workout routine and eating well...upping the stakes was getting my sister to sign up as well.

4.5 months whizzed by and race day snuck up on me. Weather outlook looked bleak and did not let up... We woke up to gray skies, drizzling rain and cold winds.

There is something inspiring being part of a ten thousand strong group just crazy enough to run 13.1 miles in a torrential downpour on a Sunday morning. Not only does Philly feel a little more like home, but I am now officially hooked on half marathons. It is the perfect race distance- serious enough to involve rigorous training but much easier on the knees and joints!

Just tying to figure out when my next race will be!

Celebratory brunch followed at Garces Trading Co, one of my favorite brunch spots in Philly. I opted for the brunch special starting with bubbly (a must for any festivity!) endive and frisée salad with Gorgonzola, citrus and golden raisins, unctuous baked eggs with spicy tomatos and lardons served with crostini with a black olive tapenade as well as a side of bacon (hey in did just run 13 miles!).  

I insisted that my husband get the Croque  Madame - one of the best versions (as good as Schiller's in the LES).  He was not disappointed!

*note to anonymous- I have been horrible with blogging- work/moving/all the usual excuses...but hope to make more time good forward!  Philly is a foodie delight and I am excited to share my finds!

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